Top 8 Biggest SEO Mistakes

Let SEO help you stand out from the crowd

Let SEO help you stand out from the crowd

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) should be at the forefront of every business’s marketing strategy. Just because every business needs to think about SEO, doesn’t mean that every business is doing it right. Here are the Top 8 Biggest SEO Mistakes:

1. Excluding Mobile Users

On average, over 40% of online visitors browse the web through a mobile device. With Google’s latest “mobilegeddon” algorithm which tracks and monitors mobile specific website performance, businesses need to start thinking about mobile users just as much as traditional desktop users alike. To start, make sure you have a responsive website.

2. Inefficient website structure

Many businesses naturally develop their website structure over time without any real strategy or SEO logic. After years of adding categories, information pages and product lines, the result is an uneven, bloated site structure that gives little value to key categories and landing pages and stops users from migrating easily around the website. Get a website analysis now.

3. Duplicating Meta Descriptions & Titles

Many database-driven websites all carry duplicate meta data such as title tags and descriptions due to poor content management system (CMS) setup. By installing a plugin or having custom formats for dynamic database-driven pages this mistake can be overcome.

Keep your sitemap up to date

Keep your sitemap up to date

4. Not updating Sitemaps

Updating a website sitemap has many benefits. Not only does it provide easier navigation as well as better visibility by search engines when they come to index the site but it also offers the opportunity to inform search engines about any changes on site. Having a dynamic sitemap means it will update itself and also notifies search engines when a page has been added. Should webmasters choose to ignore adding a sitemap, it will take search engines much longer to crawl and index the site which is bad news if you make regular updates.

5. Insufficient Content

If your content isn’t interesting or valuable to your prospective customer then it won’t be for Google either. Add quality content to your site frequently.

6. Duplicate Content

Of course plagiarism is not ok! But even duplication on your own site is a big no no!

7. Broken Links

It’s easy to do. To not notice the broken links as your site grows and evolves. The good news is that there are plenty of sites that will check your site for broken links.

8. Underestimating what it takes to deliver SEO

Handle SEO internally or externally? There are over 200 signals that Google now considers when considering a destination website for a natural ranking. To measure these signals, report and improve on them, a lot of systems, time, expertise and experience is required. Whilst development teams understand SEO, their roles do not directly account for SEO and therefore many underestimate what it actually takes to deliver an SEO campaign.\

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