Social Wi-Fi

Social WiFi is the term given to WiFi hotspots that allow users to log on to the internet using their social media accounts. 

When your customers visit you, they expect to be able to access free WiFi. Enrich Marketing offers you a simple way to turn the cost of supplying public WiFi hotspots into a powerful marketing tool that generates revenue and customer loyalty.

We provide a range of services to suit different types and sizes of businesses, from large multi-nationals to small independents, including hotels, bars, retailers, shopping centres, leisure businesses, camping sites, soft play centres, hairdressers, sports centres, and many more.

We are an official reseller of Purple WiFi. Here is a short video (just over 2 minutes) to give you a better understanding of what we can offer in association with Purple WiFi.

Purple WiFi offers so many fantastic features. Enabling guests to access your guest wifi via social media is just the tip of the ice berg.

Find out more about Social WiFi at our partner company Social WiFi Marketing or contact us for more information.

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