Discount 2Day Online

This brand new online clothing retailer contacted us on a Monday asking for a full day’s social media training on the Wednesday. They wanted to hit the ground running with social media and didn’t know where to start. With a lot of rushing around and rearranging we made it there for the full day’s training of 6 staff.

They primarily wanted to know how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for business.

Before we could start looking at each social media platform we had to discuss their branding and their identity. All businesses need an identity and a voice, particularly on social media. We spent a large part of the morning establishing what this was and how we would convey this on social media.

For a business looking to engage properly with 3 social media platforms a day wasn’t quite long enough but we did manage to cover the main elements of each social media platform, how often to post, what to post and even brainstormed some posts to send out that day and did a brief competitor analysis to help set the benchmark.

We established an overall strategy for the year and the business are now working on developing that in more detail for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


20th June 2017


Social Media Training