B2B International

Global leader in business-to-business market research, B2B International, approached us to build them a website. They were recommended to us from another one of our clients, Body NQ. It’s always lovely when a client has been so happy with the work we have done that they recommend us to their friends and associates.

B2B International had proven success in B2B market research and a website that worked well for them. The business however has chosen to branch out into a consultancy role and so B2B Advisory was born.

We met with B2B International to discuss their branding and image and what they wanted to achieve from the website. The key elements were that the branding had to be recognisably similar to B2B International but with its own identity. The website had to responsive so that it worked well on all devices from PCs and laptops to smart phones and tablets.


20th June 2017


Web Design