Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is an internet based advertising which is designed to drive more traffic to your website. Your advert is usually placed along search results, and you only pay the search engine when someone clicks on your ad.

Most of the search engines offer this form of advertising. It is generally much more cost effective than traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers, where you pay for the advert regardless of whether anyone acts on it or not.

Can anyone do it?

Theoretically, yes, anyone can set up a pay per click ad campaign. Google AdWords is the most popular and Google have produced lots of tutorials to help guide you through the setup.

The trick is, however, knowing what keywords will encourage people to click on your ad and designing both image and text ads that grab people’s attention.

How does it work?

Before the search engine presents their normal search results, they look for any advertisers who have sponsored the search keywords (or phrases). If there are such sponsors, they then pick the “best” from their list to display. The “best” is chosen by a combination of factors, including how relevant your ad is, how much you’re prepared to pay for a “click”, and how many people have previously clicked as a percentage of displays.      

How do I start my Ad Campaign?

For help starting your pay per click advertising campaign contact us for a free non-obligation chat about your requirements.