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Marketing Strategy

Interested in our services, but want to know more about what we can do for your business in particular? We offer all our clients the opportunity to view a personalised, written proposal to give you an idea of how we can make positive changes to your current marketing strategy.

If you’re only interested in one of our services, for example social media, that’s not a problem. We can write a full proposal that is based on the service you require.

Listed below is a list of what you can expect to find in one of our proposals:

Business Overview

We want you to know that we care enough to look into your business and really do some research so that we understand how you work, and what you do as a company.

Current Market Position

We look at where you rank in Google search results for relevant keywords for your product or service. We then analyse the competition, finding out who your competitors are where they rank in comparison to your business. We also examine your competitors’ websites, social media and other marketing strategies in order to gain a better understanding of what works in your industry and what you will need to do to rise above the competition.


Based on the research we do and any information you may have given us, we will provide a number of objectives that we would consider for your business. These could involve anything from increasing your Google rankings and raising your brand awareness to increasing sales and enquiries. After all, marketing is about driving your sales and your profit forward.


We love to help you reach and exceed your business goals.

We love to help you reach and exceed your business goals.

Once again, we use our research and the information provided by you to work out a number of marketing strategies that we would recommend for your business. Once we have listed the strategy proposals, we then go into detail explaining exactly what they entail and how we would carry them out. We look at a broad range of strategies including:

  • Website design, performance, usability and navigation
  • SEO
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

About Us

We know about your business, so it’s only fair that we tell you a little bit about ours too. Included in each proposal is a brief summary of what we do, why you should choose us and how we can get the best results possible for your business.


At the end of the proposal we will provide you with a quote so that you know what kind of fees to expect if you make the decision to work with us.

How much does a proposal cost?

Initially, we charge £175 for a written proposal for your business. If you choose to work with us and use our services, this charge will be fully refunded.

Contact Us

If you want a proposal to find out how we can change your marketing strategies for the better, please get in touch today. We’d love to hear from you!