How to improve My Google AdWords Campaigns

Is your Google Adwords campaign costing you a fortune and not delivering the results you were hoping for?

shutterstock_184747373Don’t worry you’re not alone. Some of the symptoms of a poorly managed Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing campaign may be all too familiar for some businesses.

  • Spiraling costs
  • Low click through rates
  • Low conversion rates

Even in the 21st century, poor PPC campaigns are being employed by organisations, which are therefore not reaching their potential return on investment.

It may sound obvious, but you should not be spending more on PPC than you are receiving in return. Whilst this may seem absurd, an adwords campaign can soon go down this route if left to its own devices, or not managed by an AdWords expert. At Enrich, having managed over £250,000 worth of PPC campaigns for our clients we continually strive to improve our clients’ return on investment through PPC.

During September we are offering a free PPC health check in an effort to inject some vitality back into your campaign and ultimately, attract some more attention from your target market.

shutterstock_136063643The check is designed to highlight how to reduce your AdWords budget whilst increasing your click through and conversation rates. In addition to this, Enrich can help ensure your target customers are being reached effectively and efficiently.

Once your PPC account is functioning well again and you feel you have a good idea about your campaign’s performance, you can manage them yourself with your new found knowledge, or let us take the burden from you and manage it, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

If you have any further questions, or would like to arrange a free health check, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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