How to give a recommendation on LinkedIn

How to give a recommendation on LinkedIn

1.   Find the person you wish to give a recommendation to.

2.   Click on the small arrow next to Send a message

3.   Click on Recommend

Giving a LinkedIn Recommendation

4.   Select how you know the person. Are they a colleague, service provider, business partner or student?

Giving a LinkedIn Recommendation 2

5.   Select the job for which you are recommending them.

6.   Choose the service category from the list. If the correct category is not listed, choose other and type in the appropriate name.

7.   Choose the year first hired and tick the box if you have hired their services more than once.

8.   Choose three attributes to describe the person you’re recommending.

9.   Write your recommendation. The best recommendations explain what separates them from others and why you recommend them to others.

10.   Press send.

You can amend or delete your recommendation at any point, even once it is published.

Giving a LinkedIn Recommendation 3

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