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As social media platforms have evolved around us it is easy to become complacent about the security of these accounts. Of course you may think, what’s the worst that could happen? Well let me tell you 2 stories.

Westboro Baptist Church

You may recall just over a head ago, hackers managed to access the Facebook page for Westboro Baptist Church changing it to a parody and also posted comedic videos and memes. The Facebook hacking includes photos that poke fun at Wesetboro members. They changed the group’s leaders to satanical rock star Marilyn Manson and Captain Crunch.

Whilst I must admit to finding this rather amusing initially after hearing that the church had called members to picket and protest funerals for the Boston bombing victims. After the initial prank, the hackers still continue to have control over the page leaving church leaders and members feeling victimised.

Cheshire Business

Another rather more serious incident occurred to one of my friends who owns a very successful business and decided to use Facebook Advertising to grow their likes and expand their brand awareness. The short campaign at the beginning of the year was very successfully and the business now has a flourishing group of followers who have in turn become loyal customers.

However, a couple of weeks ago, he was facing a bill of nearly £1000 after a company had hacked into his account and used his details to buy advertising for a less salubrious company in another country! After much discussion and standing his ground, Facebook agreed to refund the money.

How to make Facebook secureFacebook security

In both these cases you couldn’t say that the organisation were negligent in their security considerations but there are things that could be done to limit the chance of this happening again.

In my opinion these are features that should be turned on by default and people should opt out rather than need to opt in.

So tune in next week where we’ll go through how to make your Facebook account as secure as possible.

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