Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Did you know it takes on average 7 customer contacts online before a customer will buy?


Email is an excellent way to keep in touch with customers and prospects  in order to secure sales, as well as enhancing your relationships with them. However, you need to know what you are doing as there are many potential pit falls for the inexperienced and it is all too easy to innocently fall foul of spamming. And a single mistake can tarnish a company reputation for a long time online and be very difficult to correct.

We can help you!

If you have an email list that you are not using or fully utilising, then that could represent a huge lost opportunity. We work with clients to develop email lists and then plan, implement and develop email marketing campaigns – writing and designing emails and managing data.

We take into account:

  • Ease of subscription
  • Pre-written campaigns and follow-ups
  • Personalisation
  • Confirmed opt-in
  • Ability to unsubscribe
  • Use of reports

To find out more about the advantages of our email marketing services, read our blog post.


How do I manage my Email marketing?

Enrich Marketing specialise in Email marketing, if you would like to learn more about how we could help with your Email marketing, please get in touch, or pop into our offices in Bramhall, Stockport for a chat.