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Email Marketing Services

It’s an overlooked fact that every office uses email. Therefore, collecting the email addresses of both potential and existing customers is a fantastic way to keep in touch with them, and maintain their interest in your services. Hiring someone with a good email marketing program allows you to set up email lists, create and send marketing emails and track the results of your email campaign. But why can’t you just use your regular email program to do this?

Using your usual email program

Sending emails from your usual email program is fine, but it has lots of limitations. Emails sent this way will look like they have been sent in bulk, and will lack that personal touch that makes customers feel appreciated. If a prospect opens an email and sees their own name, they are more likely to continue reading than if it says ‘Dear Customer’ or has no salutation at all. Enrich Marketing can help you to utilise your email list and write compelling and enticing emails that are designed to sell.

Advantages of our email marketing service

  • Easy to subscribe – with web forms that can be customised and placed anywhere on your website
  • Pre- written web campaigns/follow-ups – your email sequence will be written and sent automatically to customers after they’ve filled in your web form
  • Personalisation – the subscriber’s name will be included in the email, creating a personal touch
  • Confirmed opt-in – the people on your list will be asked to confirm their subscription, ensuring that they signed up themselves and want to be there
  • Ability to unsubscribe – it is made easy for the customer to leave the emails if your services or products are not for them
  • Reports – it’s easy to keep track of subscribers, unsubscribers, email opens and link clicks

 Easy to Subscribe

Filling in a form on your website will send the details to our email marketing software, which will add the customer to your email list. Our software will then automatically start the customer on an email sequence, starting with a friendly ‘welcome’ email. All the subscribers in the list will be at a different point in the process and therefore will receive a different email to one another depending on how long ago they subscribed.

Pre-written campaigns/follow-ups

These ‘follow-up’ emails are pre-written with a scheduled sending day and number of days between them as shown below:



In our email marketing campaigns, we will not only insert the customer’s name as a salutation at the beginning of the email, but also within the email as well. E.g.:

‘So Tomto find out more about our services,  please visit‘ 

This adds a personal touch to your emails and gives them a conversational tone, which helps you to build a relationship between yourself and the customer.

Confirmed opt-in

Confirmed opt-in is sometimes referred to as ‘double opt-in’. It does exactly what the name suggests: a new subscriber signs up for your mailing list through a web form, and a confirmation email is sent to verify that it was really them. This makes sure that nobody can subscribe another person under any circumstances. This will mean that everybody on the list is interested in your products or services.


Keeping someone on your list who doesn’t want to be there will have no benefit to you or the customer. You certainly don’t want your emails marked as spam or junk mail. The simple solution is to allow people to unsubscribe or opt-out. At Enrich Marketing, we can make it so that the unsubscriber has the opportunity to explain why they wish to withdraw from the emails. This valuable information can help us to tailor your emails to your audience.


At Enrich Marketing, our email marketing software produces reports. These include things like tracking the number of subscribers and unsubscribers, how many emails were opened and how many people clicked on the links within them. See the example below:



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To find out more about how we can design the perfect email marketing campaign for you, or to get a no-obligation quote, contact us here or pop into MediaCityUK for a chat. We look forward to hearing from you!

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