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Email Marketing

There are so many email clients out there now, but nestling in closely behind Microsoft Outlook is Gmail. All incoming mail viewed through Gmail is now filtered between three main tabs: ‘primary’, ‘social’ and ‘promotions’. Google decides which tab to file an email under based on previous interactions and email content.

As a Gmail user, this is great. I no longer have to bother with those pesky unsubscribe links. Suddenly, it has become easier to ignore 66% of the email that arrives in my inbox.

This is not a trend that only affects Gmail. All the other email programs will follow begin to follow suit. Even Outlook!

As a company trying to stay in contact with customers and prospects through email marketing, this news may not be so well received. However, in the long run, the only way you are going to get through to people’s inboxes is if they like you and engage with your emails. Only then will Google and Outlook allow you near the ‘primary’ inbox.

Buying lists of email addresses is going to die as a result – if it hasn’t already. Good riddance, you might say. I recieve several emails a week from companies trying to sell me email lists with so-called ‘guaranteed reliability’.

In all this chaos lies opportunity. The businesses with the best opt-in lists who send useful, relevant emails will be rewarded.

At Enrich Marketing we build unique email lists for a client. Anyone on the list will have chosen to be on there and will desire to remain on it. The key is engaging landing pages on your website, and producing regular interesting and enticing emails.

We can build the list, develop the website to help attract leads to the list, design and write the emails and deliver a full email marketing service.

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