Having a website that looks good is one thing, but having one that reads well is completely another. Words are important when it comes to marketing because they can be they key to selling your products or services. You can use words to persuade, advertise and entertain, so it is essential that your copy is engaging and conveys the right message to potential customers.

It’s not just websites that need to contain brilliant copy. Email marketing relies largely on well-written pieces of information in order to maintain the interest of customers, and all kinds of advertising need to be written in an exciting and persuasive manner. Even social media posts need to be considered from a writer’s viewpoint to make sure that the right customers are directed to your company.

What We Offer

  • Web Content: This is one of the most important types of copywriting. Your website needs to be persuasive, informative and reflect you as a business, so it is crucial that the copy is well-written and relates to the right audience. We write wonderful web content, at the same time thinking about SEO, meaning that we will use keywords appropriately and enable your site to climb to the top of search engine results. 
  • Email Newsletters: The function of newsletters is to keep existing customers involved with your company, as well as encouraging new ones to buy your products or services. Therefore the content needs to be persuasive and lively so that the recipients don’t just send the email straight to their trash bin! The newsletters we write are concise and entertaining, and sure to maintain the interest of your customers.
  • Blog posts/articles: A good way to promote your business is through blog posts and articles. But these can be difficult to write, as well as time consuming. We can write great articles of any length you like, for whatever aspect of your company you feel needs to be promoted.
  • Social Media posts: Tweets and Facebook posts are essential in grabbing the attention of new and existing customers. Managing your social media profiles means that not only can we gain you a bigger following, but also write tweets and posts that will make people want to invest in your services.


Contact Us!

Don’t have a way with words? That’s okay, we do! Give us a call today on 0161 3939 443 or send an email to enquiries@enrichmarketing.co.uk for more information about the copywriting services we can provide for you.