4 Ways Videos Can Improve Your Website & SEO

Using Videos To Boost Your SEO

Video will soon enough be a really important search engine ranking factor. We strongly suggest that you add video content to your website, each day there is billions of searches and you could be missing out on some potential customers or clients by not having any video content on your website. Having video on your website helps your SEO massively and encourages people to stay on your website.

1. Provide Useful Information

When your video is put on to your website, to get it to rank well with the search terms you have given, you need to have useful information about your company, service or whatever your video will be about.

Think about what your audience will want to see from you. How can you show somebody valuable information in video form.

2. Find Relevant Keywords

Search for similar things in Google or YouTube and see what the titles of the videos that come up are. Think of the best, most relevant title for your video that will most likely be searched for.

3. Branding

Video marketing is a great way to help generate brand awareness with potential customers. Incorporate your brand throughout your video, this will help users go back to your website if the video is hosted elsewhere.

4. Tags

Tagging your video with relevant key phrases and reflect the content that is in the video. Search engines pick up these tags and help with the SEO of your website and the video.


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